Re: Error:Si535A - no clk


Duh, I thought I'd checked everything...

I blew an si5351 and fitted a new one, everything seemed to work, but looking
under my dissection microscope I see a solder bridge.. qrx..

Sorted. I looked and looked with a x10 loupe, and could'nt see any short, but
when you pointed me back to the clock I decided to get out the big bouy.

Nice russian dissection microscopes tend to assist sometimes <vbg>
many thanks Alan.
73, Mike

On 11 Dec 2018 at 14:30, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:

I can see no difference between the two when in the progrock, but unable
see whats happening in the VFO because it wont boot...

I note the VFO uses Clock 2.
Is that the problem?

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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