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I will claim it! If it is available let me know and I will send required info.

Don KD6TK 

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Is a pity your not in the UK or I would be after it!

Nice of you to do this for Christmas

God bless




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I have to give away a QCX that was receiving a couple of weeks ago, but transmitter output has always been low, so read the discussions between Hans & I below to get a just of things.  More hassle & cost to ship it to him than I want to fool with.


If you want the radio, send me your shipping address, and I’ll have a Christmas gift out to you!

First response with address wins!





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Hi Sam


The power measurement at the Drain of the BS170s is meaningless because it is not a sinewave. Only the output of the LPF has a valid power measurement. You'd need much more sophisticated equipment (a spectrum analyzer and attenuator) to measure the power at the BS170 drain. 


C25 and C26 both need to be replaced with the 390pF capacitors I sent. 


You probably blew the processor. 


I suggest either:


1) Ask on QRP Labs if someone in US can get it working for you


2) If you prefer, I can give you my shipping address, you can post it to me. I will fix it and replace any necessary components and ship it back (no charge, no fee for replacement parts, repair time, or the shipping back to you). 


73 Hans G0UPL


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I got the capacitors in, but before that measured 5.4W at the BS170 drain connections, but only 1.4W output to dummy load.  The resistive measurements through the LPF to the output connector were all good.  I replaced C25, which looked suspect due to size. No change.  Then while using the on-board RF meter, I must have inadvertently touched something on the 6 pin header, and the readout on the display went away completely. (backlight still ok)


so, something is damaged.  At this point I am very frustrated with the kit.  I have spent many hours and the money to get no satisfaction at all from the transceiver.  I give up!


If you know of someone stateside who would want it as is and thinks they can repair it, I give them the whole dam thing - no charge!    Just send me their shipping info.




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Hello Sam


The capacitors were shipped from here on 30-Oct-2018. The tracking code is RR280783335TR. The tracking shows that the items left Turkey via Istanbul on 06-Nov-2018. Probably they already arrived in US now, and are awaiting customs processing. Unfortunately we noticed that US customs processing has become very very much slower in recent months. I guess politically related. 


73 Hans G0UPL


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I have not yet received the two 390pF capacitors promised weeks ago?




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Your order has been updated to the following status:

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1. Your order has been shipped. Your tracking code is: RR280783335TR
2. For tracking and shipping information see
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