Re: U3S Case front panel push buttons

Curt M.

I'm sure there's probably something else out there but it seems like the key with those switches is not put too much heat on the terminals when you solder the wires in place.  They seem to act very similar to relay contacts when you put too much current across them.  We used to always say that the contacts were "gulled", not sure if that is the correct spelling or even the correct term but that's what we used to say where I worked a number of years ago.

When I solder those terminals I quickly push and release the button multiple times as soon and I pull the soldering iron tip away.  There were times a while back that the button would stick on the in position and it was from too much heat.  Now they seem to hold up better with a lighter touch with iron but those switches are not good quality right out of the gate so I know what you are saying.

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