Re: #wspr U3S for 2m WSPR: How to remove the frequency-swing at start of transmission #wspr

mrdynalink <server@...>

@Halden: Thank you for telling me your experiences, I will skip experiments with an tcxo. I believe, I already saw your described discrete frequency jumps in the past. Before I tried the U3s I already checked the U02-DDS-Synthesizer. There a 25 MHz txco from Farnell is used. I remember that I was wondering about the asynchronous frequency jumps on 2m-Band ... may be the same problem.

@Glen: Thank you for the hints. Meanwhile I cancelled the plan to use the standard synthesizer and I ordered 2 OCXO for experimenting :-)

@Andy: I`m looking forward to seeing the results of your new 2m U3S ! When I`m ready with my OCXO I will report. Hope this is soon, I'm excited  :-)

73, Henning

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