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I am going on the calibration of my counter which I will check against another source but even +/- 10 hz at 10Mhz would be more than OK. I will try a TCXO when I get to the 2.4Ghz for Es'hail and again check against another source. What makes me smile is that for HF we are talking about very small errors yet in the 1970s on 2M we had no idea how close to frequency we were unless somebody made a comment about being off channel. I also remember a PO inspection where I showed my homebrew absorption wave meter for 2m. All that meant was I had selected the right harmonic in the multiplier chain!

Colin - M5FRA

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I think accurate enough for now Alan.
So you do not actually know if it is 2Hz out? I agree 2Hz means nothing to most HF users but I'm wanting to be closer for the fun of it.
Has anyone else checked their GPS disciplined Progrock against a known standard? I cannot imagine they are all that far out but I tried different Synth modules making 2 TCXOs and a crystal. I tried 3 GPS units, none a QLG1.
I was checking at 15Mhz, Ive lost my notes but I think that's where it was 2Hz out.
I can make it very close without the GPS but when I apply the PPS it moves away from my manual setting.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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