Re: Projected release date on QSX?

Hans Summers

Hi all

I don't have any good news regarding release dates. I don't have any new or firm news on dates, least of all in a positive direction (sooner). Unfortunately I experienced poor health in the last few months and that has been a set-back. Very low energy left me rather weak, progress was slow - though as you know, I kept on top of all the usual day to day issues, production, shipment etc., and got the 10W HF Linear PA kit in production.

On returning from the South Africa trip for the YOTA 2018 summercamp buildathon, I was pretty badly ill with quite severe bronchitis. It is NOT South Africa's or YOTA's fault, I was sick BEFORE going to South Africa, saw the local doctor and took various prescribed medication with me. I doubt all the excitement at YOTA helped though! 

Now more than 2 months later, I have seen 3 different doctors, had 3 courses of 10-day antibiotics, as well as inhalers and 6 other medicines. Numerous tests including a fancy CT-scan... the analysis of which, said pneumonia. The chest specialist hummed and hahhed, looked at me up and down for several minutes while he contemplated, then said that can't be pneumonia or you'd be even sicker than you already seem to be, and wouldn't have been able to walk in here as you did. Which didn't fill me with much confidence either. As well as all the coughing the worst of it was very low energy, I had to sleep a lot more than usual and was getting out of breath for even minor physical exertions... and tired from any prospect of mental exertions too...

Nevertheless, I am currently feeling a lot better these days, if you make a minor exception for the current common cold, a new virus that my little junior lab tech #2, age 3 next month, was excited to bring back for me from his new pre-school. Of course he suffered from it for 1 day then gave it to his Daddy to knock down for 1-2 weeks. Hah. Normal stuff. I'm still trying to take it easy, to avoid a bronchitis relapse. Today was the first day since late July, that I have set my alarm clock for my usual 6am start. 

QSX is right here on the bench in front of me (see photo attached, taken just now). I'm making progress again now. But the list is still long. First priority is to get the firmware to the point that I can be sure that there are no further hardware changes required. Then I can initiate the board manufacture etc. 

I plan 890 QSX kits for the first batch (to get to an even 1000, once you include the earlier 100 made for YOTA - there is a balance of components I must even up, so that is why the two 110 + 890 have to add to 1000). Thereafter planned manufacturing and shipping capability will be up to 1000 per month, this is what I am able to cater for right now... but manufacturing and shipping operations are also scalable if necessary. So I am not expecting a large and persistent waiting list as happened previously for QCX. 

In conclusion - I am sorry I cannot bring better news. This is a big project, I am doing the best I can. As soon as I can be more sure on dates, you will be the first to know. Please don't anyone respond on this thread with "can you do it by X date", "can you do it by Y date", blah blah blah. I just don't know, right now. But I AM pretty sure I have beaten the bronchitis. Or pneumonia. Or whatever it was that the doctors and their CT tomography couldn't agree on.

73 Hans G0UPL

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 10:43 AM Martin Wilens <m.wilens@...> wrote:
Many others would like to know the release date for the QSX, I was hoping for early November .
A pre-release of the assembly and operating instructions would also be nice, although i can imagine Hans would not want to be overwhelmed by hints and suggestions.

Martin PE1RIX

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