Re: Adding S-Meter/Output Power on LCD Display? #vfo


Hi Steve.
I have a U3S receiver with polyphase board and use a simple design external battery powered S meter/AGC that runs off the audio by fitting the unused I/Q 600 ohm transformer and paralelling the SSB af output and fitting a extra socket on the U3S. This provides a fixed level audio to the S meter circuit. It works quite well and compresses at FSD.

I also would like to see a bargraph on the U3S display with an analogue control input(s) for both S meter and RF power/SWR display. Hans has managed a small one on the QCX. I guess a big problem is updating a varying level almost in real time while so much else is going on in the rig, Something to be added for consideration later maybe?

73 Ken G4APB

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