Re: Adding S-Meter/Output Power on LCD Display? #vfo


If you Goolge "Arduino S meter" or "Arduino VU meter", you'll get a number of hits that you can investigate. The simplest are S meters that run off the audio, which are really not S meters, but rather VU meters and usually reflect the volume of the signal. A real S meter ties into the IF chain and would require a little more work. As to the programming, since you're smart enough to get your license, you're more than smart enough to program such a project.

Jack, W8TEE

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10:50:24 AM EDT, stevecarey1948@... <stevecarey1948@...> wrote:

I'm building a couple of Top Band (1.8-2.0MHz) Transceivers using the VFO/SigGen module in each. Stuck for front panel space for an analogue S-Meter/TX Power output, would it be possible to use the second row on the LCD Display as a Bargraph? I guess some major additions/changes to the firmware . . . . beyond my capabilities! LOL. Can anyone help?


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