white blocks of death yet again

Bob Benedict, KD8CGH

Summary: I built an early (#254) QCX kit and it shows only white blocks on power up. I have 
read and followed the trouble-shooting doc and group posts with no progress. 
Details: I had successfully built an Ultimate3S with QLG1 GPS so I decided to order a 30 
meter and a 40 meter QCX kits when they were announced.  Recently I built the 40 meter QCX. 
During the build I did the L5 mod. On power up I see a top row of blocks no matter how I 
adjust the contrast. I then tried everything in that section of the trouble-shooting doc.
I re re rechecked all solder connections and looked for solder bridges. All components are installed and everything looks fine.
I can hear the 20 MHz oscillator in another receiver.
I rechecked the chip several times. All pins are seated and none are bent. I also swapped the chip with the one from the 30 meter kit with no change. I also swapped the LCD for the one in the 30 meter kit and still no joy.
Any suggestions what to try next?

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