QRPp Antennas #u3s #antenna


OK, so in these dismal periods of propagation, ~0.15W and an "antenna" that's merely a piece of wire strung up in the hallway with staples, what should show up on aprsinfo but an hour and twenty minutes of my 20m WSPR spots (4) from ZL1RS at a distance of 6569 miles, which is well over twice my U3S distance record.

I naturally assume he's on vacation in Las Vegas or somewhere, which would be about a typical signal, and has just failed to update his coordinates.  I asked him just in case and he informs me that, no, these are real New Zealand catches.  Well.

So,  it was enough to get me thinking about getting a proper antenna up again for a few minutes.

Frankly, I had just given up on ever getting an actual antenna design sorted out as it didn't look like anyone really knew what he was talking about.  The books are full of imaginary science and contradictions from amateur hobbyists ("Mr. Dunning, meet Mr. Kruger!").

Here's the latest physical argument that never reached a point of resolution:  Do QRPp devices substantially lose power from antenna tuners and other peripheral whatnot beyond the concerns of a more QRO system?  At least one position in this low-power efficiency debate is wrong.

This is but a small sample of what I'm up against.

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