Re: QCX Frequency Calibration


Thank you for the reply.
Maybe I'm not understanding the process correctly, but through some reading I was under the impression that by utilizing the frequency generator, I am able to to align the output frequency of the radio via Menu 8.5.
Not having a reference radio setup to verify my QCX output frequency against, I am assuming that with the lack of WSPR contacts, my output frequency is off slightly.(I have a measured RF output of 4W with 12-13VDC)
I read that the process to align the final RF frequency was to use the signal generator (9.6) and then verify the output on (9.5). Depending on 9.5's output, you can adjust 8.5 to bring the output frequency in line with the generated frequency.
This procedure has been discussed before. What I am experiencing is no change in my output frequency based off corrections made to 8.5.
If this is not the correct way to "tune/calibrate" the radio for output frequency correctness, do you know where I can find information on how to perform this?

73 de Erik - N9OJR

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