Re: QCX 40m IC2 soldered directly to board #qcx

Martin Rath <martin.rath@...>

Hi Daniel,

I learned by using the Koch method. You start with just 2 characters and keep adding as you master them. The key for me was to learn at an average speed (i started with 18 WPM before going up to 25 WPM) and to practice often. I used the software from G4FON and it was a lot of fun !


Martin 9V1RM 

On Tue, 4 Sep 2018 at 12:07, hb9 iiu <hb9iiu@...> wrote:
Hi Sean
I know its not the topic, but which method are you using to learn CW, 
There are so many sites proposing the best way that I dont know which one to start with.

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