Re: QSX radio feature requests

Chuck, N1KGY

Hans has been producing great products for a number of years now -
First, let me say thank you, Hans.  Your time, effort, skill, and dedication have been a boon to the ham and experimenter's community.  Your excellent track record gives me good cause to trust your "sense of direction" for the various products you are developing.  You've already found a good balance between your own sense of direction and the input of the community...  stick with your current mantra and you'll continue to knock it out of the park.
The QRP Labs mantra is:-
     Maximum performance, for the least cost..

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 10:56 AM, Hans Summers wrote:
I am enjoying the discussion on LF, VHF proposals. All nice ideas and perhaps in time, some can be made reality.
I'm restating the obvious, but either LF/MF or VHF -future enhancements- can be "accommodated" in the initial design with minimal cost: there are a few signal and control lines that need headers, to allow a daughter-board with such features to be added later.  That, and a few basic hooks in the code as placeholders for future goodness, are all that is required in the workup to a first production run.  Everything else is "desert".

For the ambitious, those headers are an open door to further adventures of their own design - pun intended - as soon as they have a QCX in their hands.  For those who want to "stay on paved roads" (what I've called kit-building for the last decade or so), waiting for someone else to produce a board/kit for their desired option is not an unreasonable course, given the amazing developments we've seen across the ham/hacker community in the last few years.

Therefore whilst an all-in-one-box walking talking 2200m to 2m all-mode transceiver with 7-inch graphic OLED screen and a rear panel full of different connectors and interfaces is not likely to be possible at this price...
Please, don't let people incite you to consider going down that road --  too much complexity, too many compromises.  Also, there's the impending threshold of the rig getting too big/heavy/power-hungry for field/manpack use, and to expensive/valuable to drag all over creation, anyway.  I think this is the issue at the root of the "second enclosure" question/discussion for the ATU and Battery pack (and A/C charger?) presently running in this thread.

Thus far, you have designed and delivered kits "easy enough for a beginner to build, and good enough that we keep using them"... but those kits also serve as excellent platforms for further experimentation/expansion - and IMHO, that combination is the key to your success. 

Again, many thanks!

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