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On Fri, 24 Aug 2018, J68HZ wrote:

Hardware is done and?and  I must say it works extremely well.  One of the best
projects I?ve ever designed.  I?m Just waiting/ helping Jack with his JackAl
project so that I can coerce him into helping me with the coding for this
project.  As designed, it can work as an integrated-to-a-radio 100W tuner,
or just stand-alone.  Speaks several languages to do that.  What I
particularly like about it is that is tunes in less than a second worst case
(even with my kludgy excuse for code).  Stay tuned.  It?s still on target for
$35 or less.  Probably will be selling kits at Dayton next year.
I can?t post on the uBITx group any more so I guess you?ll hear it here first!
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How are going with your tuner project?

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