Re: QSX radio feature requests

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Glenn / All,
That's a tidy looking build.

Another arduino flavour atu was started by Chris ZL1CVD, did anybody see anything on any suppositories?
The development looks to have stalled and nothing current on his site.
I was certain it was from him & you can guess what PCB I brought....

I've not compared them side by side, with the radio artisan project.
If all else fails I guess it's a case of comparing the relay strategy for L&C and set about changing any necessary pin allocations....?
            (Other than Hans, I'm not certain who else has moderator rights.
            Is it worth creating a sub group for dreamers, so we don't clutter the main message list.
            We have to play nicely with others who's only interest will be Pre U3S, U3S, QLG, Clock, VFO, ProgRock, QCX etc, etc...
            It will give them the opportunity to view rather than having it inflicted?)


On 25/08/2018 01:27, Glenn wrote:
The K3NG ATU lends itself to home brew.   And changes to the power level required. My own build I estimate at around 20-30W and uses smd 2-3kV caps (overkill) and the usual relay switching of L&C. Two relays are used to switch the ends for L-C or C-L. I used standard relays, not latching, due to cost here in VK. Control board uses a NANO with a 0.96" OLED display.


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