Re: QSX radio feature requests


On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 06:34 AM, Braden Glett wrote:
I use the tiny and inexpensive automatic antenna tuner from elecraft with my QCX. Works great!
I have the T1 portable autotuner, from Elecraft as do several friends.  fun kit and good product.
Seems to run forever on a single 9V battery.

One yabut, its really a QRP product and ~10W is the upper limit.  I would like to see a similar unit
for about 25W maybe just a bit larger.  SGC has one, the 211 but its more costly.

A simple auto tunner is not complex, SWR sensor, usually 7-8 relays for the inductance and 
7-8 relays for the capacitance,  and one to select what end the cap(s) does on.   The format is
a series L and parallel C, L network.  Arduino level MPU is enough.


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