Re: QSX radio feature requests

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Roger / All,

just brain storming on something that not a crowd developed project...
I too were thinking of the radio enclosure for home base
and a separate matching "support enclosure" bungee'd together for the trail approach.
I'm sure Hans would agree to selling us a blank enclosure, no work getting it cut and drilled, and economies of scale for QRP labs.
Then at a later date....?

Bringing out switching lines?
We know the QSX will be modular, without a doubt there will be an "Internal Bus" however it MAY not be as discrete as what we would like.
We may have to hack a decoder.

            (What is your idea using the switching for? AMU / ATU?
            Existing auto atu designs already exist, many use a ATmega 328 etc many utilise one of the Arduino formats.
            Will direct control from the QSX bring anything extra.
            (possibly direct recall from previous memory without needing to first sniff the RF, but beyond that it still has to remeasure the current VSWR,
            but at the cost of consuming firmware space from users who don't utilise this feature)

            Anything so long as it's not reinventing the wheel?
            However if QRP Labs offered for instance a pneumatic tyre to their ATU to replace the solid rubber.
            (I still have a wood rimmed wheel (switches and knobs on my ATU....))

Bumped by the other Alan, it's not Centronics.
Cannon did a modular range at one time that mixed the classic D connector F&M shells with other style "Pins" there were 14 gauge(ish) for high current and certainly 1/2/3 miniature coax options.
I think we sourced from Farnell in the 90's. They may have died a death by now??

Likewise If you need any 8" or 5 1/4"  floppies I have a few CPM
and 3" Floppy drives, not a typo. Just an example of when "Standards" are less than....
Looks like we all have being there.....:-)


On 24/08/2018 10:47, Roger Hill wrote:

My two cents.

There has been  discussion about battery packs, and ATU's.

If the case could be designed so it could mate with a similarly sized (in width, or depth if mating to the side would be easier) case that would hold the batteries and/or ATU, those two components could be a separate, later project, that would simply plug into the existing case. 

So for example, (showing my age), a DB 25 male could plug into a similar female on the side of the QSX, passing through all the power feeds, and maybe the RF (not sure if that would work), and whatever switching lines might be needed.

So you build your QSX, you build your battery/ATU, and simply plug the two boxes together.

I'm not precluding the need for possible internal wiring changes in the QSX, although it would be better if there were none..the act of plugging in the second component made all the right connections come then you could run 'standalone' or 'mated' without having to go inside either box...

Even one on one side, one on the other... making TWO projects to be sold separately.

Just a thought.




Roger Hill

On 2018-08-24 10:34, Alan de G1FXB via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Hans,

All non-binding and waving a white flag...  :-)

Perhaps as a fork off the how big case question.

The idea of a full featured radio for trails is a big plus,

however DSP horsepower my consume more than just CPU cycles.

Have you indicative figures so far for current drawn RX and for example 1w, 5w,10w on any band of your choice?


On 24/08/2018 09:12, Hans Summers wrote:

Yes! The suggestions are all very useful! A couple of the requests were a bit far out. But many were new ideas, and very much appreciated. I'm sure that many will make their way into the design, either in the beginning or later, given some time. 
73 Hans G0UPL 

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