Re: QSX radio feature requests

Chris Wilson

Hello QRPLabbers,

Friday, August 24, 2018

I read a lot of posts where whoopsies in the builds occur and people
struggle to remove IC's for replacement, does the design lend itself
to have all or most IC's socketed for easy replacement or for those
times when removal may aid circuit testing?

I would value Allison's opinion on how important FET lead lengths and
trace routing and widths, and those of FET driver IC's remain at LF
and MF as I am fond of experimenting "down there", particularly with
Class D amps. I suspect it is still important as gate and drain
traces seem to respond to careful minimisation of lead lengths and
usage of wide traces.

Good luck, an amazing project, even for ones as talented as Hans and


Best regards,
Chris mailto:chris@...

Best regards, Chris Wilson (2E0ILY)

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