Re: QSX feature request: Can it talk?

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Alison,
No worries.

Of absolutely no interest to anyone....
email was sent prior to a read through, wasn't supposed to have cryptic initials,
more like things for me to check before launch.
SW= Steven Weber, KD1JV
DB= Dave Benson, K1SWL
Must also include, David Cripe, NM0S
All of whom have being instrumental in 'lite' SOTA friendly radios including the "Hilltopper" featuring frequency readout through code.
Thereby the powers of "seven degrees of separation"
Mr David Cripe, NM0S stalwart of Class E and the creator of the Hypermite AF filter, to name but two.
Ably included in Mr Hans Summers G0UPL famous QCX series of radio's

There by. bring this back neatly nearly on thread.......
moved on/


On 23/08/2018 19:15, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:

No foul intended.  The KB1OIQ was based on arduino and I've pushed him to consider 
as a possible mod to output cat controls as a front end box for cat enabled radios.
His not doing this is a 24hour day issue not unwillingness.

However...  The code is out there and free to use and it is open to anyone to
make such a add on via cat interface and not be limited to a few or part of
specific radios.


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