Re: QSX radio feature requests

Rick Barnich <ka8bma@...>

I am a casual follower of this forum and was excited to see the QSX announcement. The ink was hardly dry and the requests for additional features started pouring in.
If you recall, when the QCX was announced a year ago, it was after the product had been supplied to a youth forum and hasn't changed much since that time. 

You will also notice that the revelation of the QSX come after it's introduction to the same group a year later. Hans has developed the product along the same track as the QCX. In this case, the announced product is a single band tranceiver, with multiband capability to follow. I doubt that the QSX will vary much from what Hans has already divulged. 

I am with you in encouraging the simplicity of the QSX at the expense of numerous additional  features. I have over 40 years experience doing embedded systems design and programming. The problems and delays were always caused by changes and new features.

Hans is clearly a master at getting the most bang for the buck. 

To Hans I would say, thank you for keeping your eye on the ball.

73, Rick  KA8BMA

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