Re: QSX case

Hans Summers

Hi Alex

The optional aluminium enclosure has external dimensions 145 x 68 x 74mm. 

I can provide the cross-section diagram in due course.

73 Hans G0UPL 

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018, 17:07 Alex Berkuta <aberkuta@...> wrote:

I hope that later that Han's gives an idea of the case dimensions and what

volume is taken up with the internal circuitry in the full all band version.

Why? just to get an idea if there is enough room to include a Lipo pack

and small Z-match tuner with SWR to make a truly portable field rig.



On 23/08/2018 11:52 PM, KE0GYC wrote:
Personally, I would be a fan of keeping it simple.  I'm no RF engineer, but it seems that more complexity will add more cost and more things to break.

I am REALLY excited about this radio.  I think it could be built into a really excellent portable radio for SOTA, and the ability to natively use PSK31 is really neat, especially at this price point.  A kit build like this could also have a TON of neat options for building into a case, too.

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