Re: QSX radio feature requests

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Ken,
As you took the time out to write directly
and spend time so nicely formatting it....
It's only correct I should take the time out to see if you ever posted anything on the forum.
I did really.... I couldn't find anything?
Maybe you used a different user ID??
CC'd it to the forum anyway.

Gee, I'm not the QRP Labs "Police" but as you point out:-
nothing more than a sanity check is sometimes in order.  :-)



On 22/08/2018 17:27, Ken N9VV wrote:
Hi Alan,
*Thank you* for your note of "sanity" asking the group to back off with all their requests for QSX "features" !!

Inside my head I am an "experimenter and early-adopter builder" <LOL>
Here are some thoughts about my latest experimental feature set:

( )  There is no standard cable interface to my Espresso Maker

( )  The Earth continues to rotate bringing bright sunshine and then darkness into my work-area on a 12hr cycle.

( )  My feet stink.

( )  The new YaeComWoodTek radio has 34 knobs and switches

( )  Future communication calls for 1m, 99.7m, and .03m bands

( )  With the success of FT8, we must be ready for FT9, FT10...FT99

( )  GPS is 40 yrs old  - the new rig must prepare for Pulsar timing

( )  Oh, did I mention that the new Terahertz bands are showing great promise?

72/73 de Ken N9VV

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