Re: QSX radio feature requests

Alan de G1FXB

Being mindful of Hans statement in the QSX preliminary info thread.
I read that as:- LEAVE ME TO IT.....

Now even before the first Kit ships.... Perhaps we should at least just see what the final specification is actually stated to be?

Perhaps limit ourselves initially to Brain storming & Feature request only for topics that CANNOT be otherwise solved by other means ?
LF/ MF, VHF and beyond use. Chances are transverter designs exist, suitable products are available cheaply off ebay's shelves that will satisfy most and a "standard" 10 Band HF QSX will make a potential exciter.
Exotic user interfaces and specific controls, via CAT interface

The QRP Labs mantra is:-
     Maximum performance, for the least cost..
It's tempting to make the QSX  a swiss army knife of radio's
We all have our own wish list, how does yours fit as being a QRP Labs product....

(When the Jr. techs are old enough we can get them interested in LF and +VHF operation
and they can kit some deluxe transverters that will work with their fathers QSX design.
It will not be many years.....)

The Summers family will go down in radio history.


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