Re: QCX80..Audio very loud.


    Dr Jim ,

Indeed the lack of AGC or AVC is a problem when local stations are coming in .
Some months ago I started a project to create AVC on a QCX . This is working fine since then and helping more than 10 members in our club section .
There is no kit but it is easy to duplicate . A small single-sided PCB and programming a PIC12F683 .
For sure you will find help in your ham section .
Just send me your E-mail address and I will return you full documention about it, it's open hardware and software . .

73 Willy

Op 17/08/2018 om 17:36 schreef K2TL Jim:

My QCX80 seems to work just fine..just finished the build a few days ago.  But I find that the audio gain is way too loud and I need to adjust the AF control almost to minimum.  Just a touch above minimum gets uncomfortably loud.  And because of this and the lack of an AGC or AVC it gets to be a problem on strong signals.  Here in NJ, W1AW is just about hopeless to copy because they are so strong.  So, I'm wondering about some kind of fix for this?     Sure wish there was an AGC with this rig.  The receiver is very hot and the audio amp is no lightweight either.  Thanks..Jim, K2TL
de K2TL.. since 1964

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