Re: QCX 40 - Need help with BPF alignment

Richard G4TGJ

The voltage check procedure is in the manual. The given voltages assume you are using the built in meter. If you use an external DVM you will find that some of the readings are much higher. This is because the internal meter has quite a low impedance and will pull some of the voltages down.

Are you sure all the windings on T1 are OK? Firstly, are they all in the same direction? If you followed the procedure in the manual then they should be OK. Then you need to be sure that the wires are correctly soldered. I found that although I got correct continuity by probing the ends of the wires, they weren't actually soldered properly to the board. I had to apply more heat to burn off enough enamel. Even if the windings aren't quite right you should be able to hear something.

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