Re: Case for the QCX transceiver possibly commercially available soon #qcx

Chris Wilson

Hello Steve,

That looks extremely professional, clean and neat if you don't mind me
saying so? Superb!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I ended up making my own case using an extruded aluminium enclosure
from Bangood. I must say, it took about 19 hours of work for the
case alone, having messed up the powder coating while doing the
drilling, rubbing it down, respraying it and then respraying it
again after I chipped it. The label was produced in Photoshop and
then printed. The first one was spray lacquered, but that made the
dye run. I'll eventually coat it with sticky-back plastic I think.
The rig has made two outings and went to North Norfolk during the
IARU contest about 10 days ago. Working Europeans was like shooting
fish in a barrel. It even crossed the pond to the US, so very
pleased. Not sure I'd make another case though - easier to buy one ;-)
Steve G0KYA _._,_._,_


Best regards,
Best regards, Chris Wilson (2E0ILY)

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