Re: QCX T1 mounting

Paul Harrison

Hi Joe, sounds like a good idea to me. You just need to be careful not to accidently break one of the windings during the insertion and soldering of the other components.

73 de Paul DJ0CU

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018, 17:20 Joseph Trombino, Jr <w2kj@...> wrote:
Howdy Gang.

Should be receiving my QCX kits in a few days and have a question about T1.

Is there any reason T1 should not be installed before any of the other components have been soldered in place?

Seems as though it would leave a lot of room to fit and solder this most critical part to the board.

Thanks for any suggestions/comments.

                        73, Joe W2KJ
                        I QRP, therefore I am

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