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Checked the power with the scope reading true RMS and it came to  2.5W on 12.6V.

Will stick with that. Went out and  /P with a dipole and managed a contact to another

QRP/P op in Italy. Also heard a couple of Jas in QSO. Must build a proper QRP power meter!


Colin – M5FRA


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Subject: Re: [QRPLabs] 20m QCX completed


Well done Colin,

It might be worth playing with spacing out/compressing the turns on the filter toroids as you may be able to increase the power slightly.
But, having said that, my MFJ ATU power meter, on the 30W setting is woefully inaccurate at QRP levels.

I have been fiddling with my QCX again and replaced the three BS170s in the PA section. That's the third set now - first set I thought I had blown, second set came from China and only gave 1.8W, third set came from GQRP club and now give 27W with a 12.6V lithium battery. I'll stop there on the grounds that "if it ain't broke don't fix it"!

I have the Sandford QRP Power meter which is a handy tool to build and own.

Steve G0KYA


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