Re: QRP and Field Day -- Paddles


Doh! They do  not ship to the UK.


Colin – G8FRA/M5FRA


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Subject: [QRPLabs] QRP and Field Day -- Paddles


GA Gary,

I just ordered one of the 3d printed paddles at the link.  Vy curious as to quality and useablility.  It will be my first 3d printed item.  I too have a Palm paddle and like it a lot, nice feel.

Lets compare notes after FD.

I love this radio stuff.

On 6/12/2018 2:48 PM, wg5f@... wrote:

I bought this paddle a few weeks ago.  I've not played with it too much but I'll give it a work out during Field Day. 
I also have a Palm Paddle which is great (but much more expensive.) 
73, -Ed, WG5F-   



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