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Al Sines


Wanted to thank you for the troubleshooting manual.

Built my 40m QCX and went together easily and worked exactly as it should. Then I decided to add an audio amp and speaker. After an hour or so of trying different amps I noticed the audio was low, distorted and there was a side tone on transmit but very, very low. Hmmmm. My first thought was I shorted the audio output somehow and probably killer IC10. But I decided to go through the troubleshooting manual. Great manual. All was well until I got to pin 1 of IC8. No output so I initially thought IC8 was bad. BUT, I recall your advice in the manual that components rarely fail and an effort to find solder splashes, etc should be made prior to replacing a component.

Thought that this was not likely since the rig had been working for more than a month. But I looked anyway. Bingo! There it was a big blob of solder shorting pins on IC8! I must have done it while soldering some wires onto the audio amp.

Thanks for the nice troubleshooting manual and the advice about checking carefully prior to replacing components!

Waiting on my 17 meter rig and can’t wait. Lots of fun.

73, Alan, W3AL

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