QCX-20 Power Output fixed. Full 5W output. #filter #qcx

Michael Baker

Last time I was working on the rig I popped the BS170's so today I just got them replaced and replaced the 390pF caps with 350V Silver Mica that I measured before using as 391 and 392 pF. After replacement and a bit of rearranging of a few of the turns on the inductors we have full power on about 14VDC.  WHOOO HOOOO!
Now to pull some of the things off the board and get it in a case. Have new Green/Yellow display to install but need the header first. Have 18650 battery parts on order to use inside the case so it becomes a station in the box. Add a QRP Guys antenna or two and a fishing pole and you are off to the park!

Mike Baker  K7DD 

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