Re: Reference Frequency Instability?


Hello Eric,

You can use a gps module with pps output. Then the QCX calibrates itself before tx. 


28 Nis 2018 Cmt, saat 12:38 tarihinde Eric THIRKELL via Groups.Io <> şunu yazdı:

My 40m QCX worked on completion, I have enjoyed a few qsos on or around 7.030 Mhz, all after just one call, but on the second session I realised my tx frequency had moved up 22Khz. I switched off/on and tried again and saw the tx frequency had now moved up 44Khz. After recalibration the same result reoccurred. I switched to VFO B and found it had not moved from 7.030 so I switched off/on and found tx now on 7.052. A repeat off/on brought VFO B up to 7.074.
There don't appear to be any dry solder joins but I retouched the 27 Mhz xtal pads to make sure but the QCX performance is unaltered. So to use it, I have to recalibrate beforehand, and yes, I did save my settings each time. Has anyone any suggestions please? Eric, GM4FQE


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