Re: u3s-eeprom-tool meets web #u3s #eep #tool

Adrian Scripcă

Hi Ken,
what a great tool! Many thanks for all your work.

Thank you for testing it out and confirming it works.
1) 'SAVE' command like like it will overwrite the opened .eep file. Could we have ability to change the saved file name or have I missed something?

This is behavior dependent on how your web browser is configured. I assume that you have it configured to automatically downjload files to your Downloads folder or something alike. You should have it configured so that it will ask you for a specific location for each download. In order to know how to do this, please check the following link (Change download locations section)
2) Transmissions -Mode. Display of mode is cut off at end (try WSPR = ...WSP + half 'R' character.) Can you expand the box  to show the full mode description listed in the pull down menu?
3) Same area, but could you swap the WSPR mode descriptions so 'WSPR' appears first in the line. I thought you had missed this mode off the list at first.
4) WSPR 15 minute mode is actually called WSPR15, maybe you could update the description in the mode list too.

I did that just now by replacing the mode comments which I previously displayed in the select box with the mode short name. Let me know if that is what you are after.

 73! Adrian, YO6SSW

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