Suggested Change for VFO: Additional BandStops #vfo #bpf

Steve KA6PRW

First real post to group, but I am currently in midst of setting up VFO/SigGen and realized that I would like to add additional LPFs for higher frequencies (an 11 band VFO?!).

So, my suggestion to Hans is: when you have a moment (rain on your window, sleepless night, etc), that maybe it would be useful to add 5 more 'BandStop' positions for the VFO.  I realize that this can also be accomplished with the Presets, but this sounds like a fairly straight forward change (I know, it never is) and would be a cleaner way to get additional bandwidth on he VFO??

Hopefully this has some merit and I am not way out to lunch!
Steve KA6PRW

P.S Love the kits, total respect for the work Hans has done, and hopefully will have my U3S on air shortly as well! 
The discussion group is awesome.

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