NDB / Navtex Rx with QRP Labs modules #qlg #synth #polyphase #rcvr #vfo

Brian - VA7BBG

I wanted to free up my IC7000 for "real" work so I purchased a few kits / modules from QRP Labs hoping to build a dedicated NDB / Navtex (and/or DGPS) receiver.

The result is a GPS disciplined VFO driving the receiver module LO. Using USB (polyphase for now) into my laptop with Spectran or YaND software. Tied it all together today and it works great! Now to find a case to put it in ...

Thanks to Hans and crew for a fine job, great manuals and (though I did not need it thankfully) great troubleshooting docs as well. Each kit assembled without problems and functioned as advertised the first time power was applied.

What worked for me ... none of this is magic (or hard) and most has been said before:
  • read the assembly and operating manuals (if available) AND the troubleshooting guide BEFORE you start
  • Search for messages on this board (use the tags to filter the messages) to see what could go wrong with your kit(s) and how others fixed it BEFORE you start. Avoid the pitfalls!
  • go slowly ... really slowly ... this is not a race
  • have lots of light
  • check every component at least twice before soldering (value and location / orientation)
  • Use your magnifying loupe (or whatever you have) and check every joint as you solder them
  • Use a FUSED, stable 5VDC supply (battery / regulator combination is good and quiet)
  • If building a complex system, test each kit individually and assemble (and test again) after all are working correctly

I really like these kits! A QCX (or three) are definitely on the wishlist.

Thanks again Hans!



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