Re: Sudden failure in early life

Steve in Okinawa

Thanks for this diagnostic, Glen. Since i just started yesterday from the, "Doctor, I don't feel well" level, I have no idea what all that actually means, not to mention what to do about it. I'm an old RF guy but in the dark ages with microprocessors.

73 from Okinawa

Steve Fabricant JS6TMW 

On Mar 18, 2018, at 4:57, Glen Leinweber <leinwebe@...> wrote:

Your I2C transaction looks to be corrupted.
I have transformed your 'scope image (below).
SDA should rise between transactions. It doesn't.
"ACK" looks to come in the middle of a transaction (should come at the end.

Am guessing a power-up problem. Perhaps a slow rise in the DC supply?
In any case, looks like SI5351A sees a I2C framing error.

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