Re: GPS Kit Question #qlg

Michael Baker

Yellow LED is on all the time. No blinking. I'll attempt to attach a 5V source directly to the board and see what happens.

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 12:02 Bill Oelker <boelker@...> wrote:
Hook the 4 pin connector + -  to a good 5VDC supply and see if it locks up. Observe the polarity. Don't hook it to the QCX till you get past this test. It may take a few minutes to find itself but this way you can't hurt it. Or interfere with it. You didn't mention if the red power led lights, or the yellow led blinks. Make sure Leds are oriented correctly. Scope the leads if you have one. Is the battery oriented correctly. The satellite data doen't display correctly on the QCX , thats a known bug. Bill KN8DMK

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