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Allen Poland

Thanks Doc!  ‘ppreciate your input!  I think I will go with the glue gun.  I use it for a multitude of other things and thought it might be good to anchor toroids.  But since my experience with these things have been somewhat limited, I thought I’d ask.  When I power this thing up I don’t want any copy ANY problems.  I’m at the age where I have more problems than I need! Why I decided to build this thing is beyond me.  Guess maybe I got caught up in the spirit of the thing.  J


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I always use hot glue to secure my coils to the PCB.  Works every time and they can be removed if need be.  Rarely do they move in inductance (only at VHF+).



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Michael:  Thank you for your input.  Never considered or ever used beeswax in my life.  I doubt if that stuff  is available in this “black hole” of WV!  Maybe commode seal….. I don’t know what is used here anymore. Only drawback I can see is messing up the soldering iron tip.




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BEESWAX - The old-fashioned option of beeswax is perhaps best of all. It is hard, solid with smooth surface, and sets likewise, without hot glue's whiskers catching untidy all around.

Held over the target with a hot soldering iron near, it melts readily, runs and drips into place. 

Likewise, to remove, it again melts with modest heat held near.

I got mine from a hard ware shop that had supplies used by furniture makers and polishers.

Not a new idea, copied from George Dobbs's QRP writings.

And widel used in the early days of radio home construction, from before the word electronics was invented.

73 Michael Mi5MTC



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Both would work BUT epoxy is near impossible to remove if the need ever arises. Hot glue can be messy but many use it.

I however prefer to use nail polish; two or three applications will keep things from moving around.

Just about any kind will do but some of the premiere brands are a bit better. I like "Sally hansen Telon Tuff nail protector" only because someone else suggested this brand and after comparing to another it "seemed" to work a bit better in the way I was using it. I just get my wife to get me some when she is at the store. A couple of different colours are good for marking or identifying different things. Not very expensive, it takes about a year for me to use one small bottle and I build stuff quite a bit.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2018-03-10 05:45, Allen Poland wrote:

I’ve been wondering if hot clue or epoxy (clear) would have any detrimental effect on the LPF coils and the transformer in the QCX 20m kit?


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