Re: Soldering iron recommendations


After using an entry level Weller for 20 years I recently upgraded to the Ersa i-CON Nano. It's extremely fast to heat up and you can easily change the tips. I did consider the Haiko 888 but here in Singapore the price was the same as the i-CON and I didnt't want to get a chinese copy from ebay.

73's Martin 9V1RM

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 11:49 PM, Jean-Claude <jca@...> wrote:
The Hakko 888D is very good. The fact that it is digital is no problem as you can set 3 presets. On mine I have:
One for leaded solder which is the default and I never had the need to tweak it.
One for unleaded solder, never used that one.
One with higher temperature to solder thick copper cable, rarely used as I prefer to use my old Xytronic in order to give a long life to my Hakko tips.
The Hakko heats up really fast and there is no need to keep it on.
If you get one avoid Ebay as there are chinese copies, very well made, almost impossible to detect they are fakes but apparently work very well also.
They are about the same price as the real ones, so not worth buying them.


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