ProgRock - Serial

Robin Midgett

Greetings to the group.

I'd like the benefit of anyone's experience with serial programming of the Prog Rock. 

I've interfaced one of these boards for my USB to RS232, and set the switch on it for Vcc levels, which should be 5 volt logic. Testing it, I see 4 volts p-p with traffic on the Tx line. I made the Rx & TX & Gnd connections to the BCD switches & verified via continuity check that they connect to pins 12 & 13 on the microcontroller; no joy with the ProgRock; no data. I've confirmed the settings in the terminal program as in the manual for the ProgRock, accounted for appending CR-LF, & even tried another terminal program. I've done a loop back test by jumpering Tx to Rx on the RS-232 side of the USB converter & that works. Still, the ProgRock remains silent. I don't even get the software version report upon power up of the ProgRock.
I have disconnected the GPS from the header and grounded the 1PPS input whilst trying to communicate with the Prog Rock; no joy.
Suggestions are welcomed..


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