20 metre QCX has died?? #qcx

Rick Williams - VE7TK

Today I decided to modify some of the parameters in the menu on my QCX. This was a working QCX with mods done for processor boot up and power amp instability.

The QCX booted normally and I reset the startup VFO A frequency from the default of 14.020 to 14.050 and Saved the Settings.

I turned off the rig and rebooted it and now LCD display shows all blocks. According to the troubleshooting guide I should have 20 MHz on pins 9/10 of IC2. My scope on pins 9/10 shows noise - sigh.

All signs are point towards a malfunction of the processor! This is not good day :-(

(QCX #1129 and PCB Rev. 2)
73, Rick

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