Re: Little balloons and big regulations


Hi Arv,

As for your question about my intentions:  Yes, I want to launch an HAB and I want to be comfortable with its legality.  So, the informative aspects of these posts continues to help me develop my perspective about this.  Since I don't see any harm done by WSPR beacons or HAB telemetry per se, I see decisions about rule compliance in this situation to be a matter of personal preference.  I do not wish to ask anyone else to follow the rules as I interpret them nor do I think anyone else posting information about the rules intends this (but I'm open to reading such opinions, especially if expressed directly).  I do not wish to expand the discussion here to those aspects of Amateur Regulations that do not pertain to QRP Labs products.  My questions about HAB geofencing technology (I'm not sure if this is the correct term) pertain to compliance with whatever regulations are out there because I personally prefer to comply with the rules (even if I don't understand them) and believe that I am not the only one who prefers to comply.  As of right now, some of these rules don't make sense to me, but hopefully someone will chime in and explain the benefits that the rules provide.  I agree with your suggestion about two thread titles with suggested edits to narrow their scope:  "Amateur Regulations pertaining to WSPR beacons and HAB transmitters" and "Geofencing Technology in HAB transmitters".  But unfortunately, I don't know how to consolidate threads in a discussion group.
Halden NR7V

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