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Can we bring this thread back to the original topic?

The original question is about what the FCC rules are and did not include an attack on anyone.  Thus, attacks and associated hostility directed toward the original poster and/or those who participate in the discussion of what the rules are and aren't don't contribute to the discussion.  Personally, I'm disappointed in them.  They're not what I've learned to expect from fellow hams. 

It's interesting to me that two attitudes from people who are inclined to follow the rules seem to have emerged.  One is held by those who choose to follow the rules to the letter and prefer that the rules be unambiguous and reasonable.  Another is that the rules are a guideline and adherence to the same is a matter of practicality - follow whichever rules will be enforced or will possibly bother someone if broken and ignore the ones that don't hurt or bother anybody if broken.  In the case of ham radio, enforcement tends to be complaint-based so people are unlikely to hear from the FCC for launching a 10- or 20-mW transmitter. 

In some traffic situations I've seen in USA, rules exist only to generate revenue - a small number of speed zones (I call them "revenue zones") and the frequent prohibition on parking in a space where the parking meter is broken.  Hopefully the FCC won't head this way.

If you're in one camp or the other, why bash the people in the other camp?  How does such bashing benefit you or the other readers of these messages?  If your perspective is that the rules about HAB transmissions don't matter, then discussion of what the rules are and aren't won't be of interest to you and you may wish to ignore the thread.

I'm very curious to know if unattended telemetry transmitters are explicitly allowed or prohibited by rules governing amateur radio in countries outside USA.  In a brief search, I was unable to find mention of beacons or telemetry in the Canada rules.  There is a partial list pertaining to Europe here:
It says that UK forbids amateur transmissions from aircraft.  Do some HAB launchers include some sort of geofencing code in their payloads that suspends transmissions when their balloon flies over UK or the various islands that it governs?  If yes, how is this done?

I believe that this is a relevant topic for this group because some QRP Labs products are used in HABs (and I hope that one directed at this market will be released soon) and there is an opportunity for these products to include a feature to enable the product user to turn off the transmitter based on its location.  Unfortunately, this feature could become impractically complex if it accommodates users who wish to disable transmissions over some "forbidden" places while enabling them over others.  As a likely future user of said product, my preference is for the user to have some degree of configuration control over the feature if it is included in the product.  


Halden NR7V

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