Battery Voltage Meter #qcx

Kent Vanderploeg

I enabled the battery meter (Menu 7.2) and connected the QCX to a fully charged (13.1V) 18Ah battery.  The meter is there, but it's showing empty.  I modified Menu 7.3 from 13,800 to 12,000 to see if that would make a difference.  It did not.  Any ideas on this one?  It's not critical, but it would be nice to have an indication of battery status.  For clarity, I did these steps prior to the power-up fix steps listed below.

When I finished assembly of my 40M QCX. On power up, it only showed the top row, all solid, so I proceeded to do the recommended fix and move L5 to cross over pins 20 & 7.  Well, L5 disintegrated (lead fell out of the body) in the process, so I've ordered some replacements.  


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