Re: LPF frequency curves #lpf


On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 03:50 am, David Bowman wrote:
Paul, thanks for your insight. Yeah, the 8935 has built in software to perform this kind of test. I am building a N2PK VNA (slowly) so that would be an option too.

David - that is the newer version of the FD unit. I have model 0713A, purchased a few years ago. I have used it to check antennas, but never for filters before. The manual shows the setup I used, and a sample trace which looks as I would expect for a LPF. The trace I got was pretty much flat, rising slowly with increasing freq. I have examined the boards, check continuity and for shorts, and for correct components. It all looks good, so will have to play some more.

Thanks again guys. Will post further when I get some more done.


Hereford, AZ


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