Feedback on 17m QCX #1058

Andrea Massucco IZ1IVA

I'd start by thanking Hans et al for designing, kitting and supporting such a gem! It's certainly the most surprising kit I've ever built.

Instructions are so good it took me a total of four hours from unpacking to aligning and configuring the 17m QCX, it certainly helped not having too many turns around the toroids to check over and over again HI!

Oh, I should mention that I've also loved the packaging, very neat!

Firmware is v1.00c. I'm seeing 4,6+ W on a dummy load at 14 Volts supply voltage (before the zener). 125 mA RX, 660 mA TX. Initial power output was 4,1 W, then I've tried folding away the LDC's metal tab interfering with L2 (HB9TVK's mod) and that was enough to increase the output significantly. All toroids are wound with the number of turns prescribed in the manual.

I've also added a 10 k resistor as suggested by SA2KNG to tame some PA instability, often occuring upon initial keying.

Sidenote is not sounding "pure" at the default level 99, so I've turned down to 60. The only other annoyance I've found so far is full QSK being really unpleasant due to clicking or thumping at each key down. Perhaps the two issues are related? Maybe a metal enclosure and/or some internal shielding would solve both?

Excellent bit of kit, can't wait to see it covering higher bands!

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