Re: Stacking cores for T1


On Wed, 2017-11-15 at 10:57 -0600, J68HZ wrote:
The main advantage of core stacking is flux density distribution and
therefore higher power capability without saturation.
Why would that be of any importance for T1 in the QCX ? Please try to
stay on topic !

No importance. So why the heck would anyone consider stacking these things. Guess you just punctuated my point eh?

It is true that
the leakage flux increases by stacking cores, but that effect is very
small and easily minimized...and that this impact is actually within
the tolerance of the formula for determining the inductance for winding
the cores (see the table in the Micrometals reference... worst case
referenced impact 8%).
It also says Al for N stacked cores is slightly less than N x Al for
single core !

So? Like I said, the impact to Al of stacking cores is LESS THAN THE OVERALL ERROR IN THE CALCULATION FORMULA
For determining the inductance basis number of turns from Al.

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