Re: U3S-19 in the air...struggling for altitude

James Zelazny jr <wtfbsyt@...>

The flight page map vanished on me for some reason.I just tried to fix this but the payload seems to have stopped transmitting.My guess is that the solar angle is not enough to power the system for very long so far up least I hope that is what it is :)
Everything looked fine and it stopped @ 15:48.Looking at the data I see voltages dropped a bit.It will shut down @ 3.49v and was last read @ 3.54v.
Needs to travel South hopefully tomorrow.
I used 4 balloons as they are new types I like very much,but undersized.Tried only 2 on my last flight and only achieved 4000m and felt 4 will help a bit more in this regard.Seems to have added just over 1000m which is better but not great.My choices were slim with balloons since I think Qualatex have declined over the years.These 29" balloons are 1000 times better quality and rather chance low altitude flight over a complete failure.Losing payloads to poor balloon quality makes no sense to me.The data uploads is using the special firmware in which I am not able to help with.I think you will need to wait for Han`s U3B`s to become available before obtaining this firmware.Best bet is to ask for more info here.The people there have many methods for tracking -
Most are using this site for tracking balloons -!mt=roadmap&mz=5&qm=1_day&mc=53.46751,-9.26514
There is a site if you want to try payload stuff,but they are nothing like what the U3B will be once available.You may find this fun to play around with.

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