Re: U3S-19 in the air...struggling for altitude


Congrats, James!
I'm trying to learn as much as I can about pico HA floater balloons while I await the U3B's debut.
1.  Why 4 balloons for only 9.5g payload? An experiment of some sort, but I wonder what. (Q for James)
2.  My Chrome browser no longer displays the qrp-labs tracking maps for any balloons (stopped working a few weeks ago), but IE will display it for some but not this one.  The text update for U3S-19 appears in the map window on both browsers.  Has something changed in the way the qrp-labs tracking site displays the maps?  What adjustment do I need to make in my browser settings? (Probably a Q for Hans)
3.  U3S-19 link doesn't appear in the list of balloons on the qrp-labs tracking site.  Just a minor inconvenience.
4.  Once ready to launch a balloon, how does one arrange for its data to appear on the qrp-labs and/or tracking site? 
Halden NR7V

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