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I have a real simple AGC circuit that works perfectly with this kit.  Im on vacation this week but will publish it when i return to my office next week. It uses a transistor and diode charge pump to control the gate of a fet for variable gain in the audio chain.  By changing the charge capacitor or the parallel resistor you can make it variable anywhere in the fast to slow range. 

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I built 40m version QCX. It Works fine, I was surprised how this simple radio clear recieve.
But as radio has no AGC, I need use a volume knob a lot. I kept it most of the time almost on zero. The total gain is just too much for 40m (or 80m), I believe optimal for higher bands.

As a 'secure' solution I modified R37 from 1 K to 10K that decrease gain by 20dB. I kept R38 and C23 as it defines cutoff frequency (1326 Hz) for low pass filter.
It works fine, maybe sidetone is quiter. But I am still thinking how to lower gain on first stage IC5.
I cannot touch 100 ohm resistors R5-R9 (input impedance of amplifier) as they are tighten with quad. sampling detector. What about R7-C4, R10-C7 in feedback?
2k2+47n, gain -13dB
3k3+30n, gain -9.7dB
cutoff freq. remains the same

What do you think? Could it affect IP3 / sensitivity of whole in negative way?

Ondrej OM4DW

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